SRT Healing Circle & Meet our SRT Practitioners SRT靈性反應療法體驗及與諮詢顧問/執行師會面

靈性反應療法 (SRT) 是一套全面的靈性療法系統,透過搜索詢問者的潛意識和靈魂檔案(Akashic Records),找出負面及不協調的能量,將以釋放,再以正面的能量,從精神、情緒及靈性上治療,達到身心靈的平衡及和諧以至尋回真我。

透過靈擺及特製圖表的輔助,靈性反應療法讓我們連繫超我(High-Self),從潛意識及靈魂記錄尋找出每個問題,如:恐懼、憤怒、憎恨、疑惑、 焦慮、矛盾及敏感……的根源所在 (意識及潛意識阻礙、工作壓力、家庭及感情問題、前世記憶、遺傳、經歷嚴重創傷、體重控制等等) 。這些問題或負面情緒會阻礙了我們的正常成長,靈性反應療法會清除這些源頭的負面能量,再加以治療


- 由SRA認可導師/咨詢師或有經驗治療師介紹SRT
- 由SRA認可導師/咨詢師或有經驗治療師示範SRT
- 由完成SRT進階班學生/完成專業培訓學生爲嘉賓做免費15分鐘體驗SRT
- 有興趣繼續療法 $200 / 30分鐘 (當日只限30分鐘)
- 分享經驗
- 介紹一對一咨詢及課程資料


歡迎SRT Practitioners參加,纍積實際經驗。


Healing Circle & Experience

日期:2018年4月9日 (Mon)
時間:7pm – 10pm
老師:Shirley Kuo
地點:We Me Studio, 1/F, Tack Building, 48 Gilman Street, Central
對象: 任何對SRT有興趣的人士 




We are spiritual beings having a physical experience and we are here to learn lessons and to deal with challenges that can only be handled in the physical. Spiritual Response Therapy involves researching discordant energies and clearing the effects of these energies. The soul record is accessed in order to get to the root cause of problems and any discordant energies found are cleared from your subconscious.

Your life will feel completely different following this therapy. The positive will automatically override the previous negative thoughts, patterns and behaviors as you take back the power. You will simply be able to deal with life’s challenges and issues from a completely different perspective.

Healing Circle Outline:

- An introduction to SRT by SRT Cert. Teacher / Consultant / Experience Practitioner
- A demonstration of SRT by SRT Cert. Teacher / Consultant / Experience Practitioner
- 15 minutes free healing session with SRT Advanced SRT Practitioners / Completed Professtional Training Practitioners
- Additional healing $200 / 30mins (max. 30mins during event)
- Experience Sharing
- Introduce one on one session and SRT upcoming basic and advance classes details.

You may bring in friends who is interested in SRT for a trial session.

Welcome SRT practitioners join the healing circle, advance reservation are required with limited seat only.


SRT Healing Circle & Meet our SRT Practitioner

Date & Time:

9 Apr, 2018 (Mon)  7:00pm – 10:00pm  (Teacher: Shirley Kuo)

Venue: We Me Studio, 1/F, Tack Building, 48 Gilman Street, Central

Charges: HK$100

For Enquiry: