David Bingley

Usui Reiki Master
Certified Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)Consultant
Advanced Angel Practitioner and Angel Card Reader
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner

In 2007 I felt that I needed to make some serious life changes. I was recommended to have an NLP session which I took, within that I found that there were blocks, limiting my ability to complete my session. I was referred to an SRT practitioner who in 1 hour impacted my life forever with the clearing that was done.

There after it was easy to complete my NLP sessions. In the mean time I was encouraged to became a learn Usui Reiki which I did and as soon as I could I learnt SRT and in 2008 became a Reiki Master and advanced SRT Practitioner. Since then I have been practicing both Reiki and SRT on family, Friends and Clients with great success. Over the years I have continued to learn and study other modalities and techniques, which added to my personal growth and awareness as well as the knowledge, I can share AND APPLY when teaching and healing. In 2016 I started teaching Usui Reiki, Healing with the Masters and Reiki Healing with the Masters, whist still practicing and supporting clients who require SRT. 



One-to-one Private Session 

Reiki Sessions HKD$1,300 for 1 Hour  **CNY Promotional Offer HKD$900** 
SRT Sessions HKD$1,300 for 1 Hour, extra 325 for every 15 mins extra after 1 hour.  **CNY Promotioal Offer HKD$900**

* Consultation Language: English

* By appointment only for face to face or distance healing, please email to info@houseoflight.com.hk for booking.


David Bingley – Reiki Testimonials

“The first night I was quite energetic so couldn’t sleep – but after that night my sleep quality has improved ( I always have sleep problem ever since a kid ). – I feel I have more space in the head and torso. I feel more rooted by the gravity pulling deeper level – which I didn’t feel that before, I was feeling more like gliding on the ground before. – I do feel having a greater and deeper level of awareness is a good feeling.” Thank You

~ Mae Yong Lin Wu, April 2016

“It was useful. I found myself able to express myself and speak my feelings directly. The session is definitely useful. My relative commented that she noticed a difference in me.”

~ Herlina Heaps, April 2016



靈氣個案體驗是一個很奇妙的過程。本人從來沒有做過類似 的療愈項目,這次體驗是因為在中塔學習SRT的過程讓自己對心 的旅程有了嚮往,所以一切因為心的選擇。

在靈氣療愈的過程中,我感覺到全身有很強能量在流動,是 很溫暖的,很快樂的。我和老師說的比較弱的位置是子宮和卵巢, 在老師的加強療愈中我可以感覺到非常明顯的熱能量的流通,在 這次療愈中我打開了自己堵塞的2個脈輪,讓我感受到了自己以 前感情創傷的原因,是一個非常清晰的聲音和答案,讓我自己最 鬱結的事情有了答案,這個時候我哭了,眼角流下了眼淚,但是 是開心的幸福的,之後我能感覺在脈輪打開的時候一束白光到達 了我全身每一個角落,有一個聲音告訴我其實為什麼之前會有 這麼多的事情發生,是因為我不懂得什麼是真正的愛,是沒有束 縛的,沒有限制的,沒有承諾的才是真正的愛,不論是愛什麼都 是⼀樣的,然後我又哭了,我知道原來我們自己就是愛,就是光 明,是陽光。

療愈完畢後,老師有和翻譯老師問我情況,並告訴我這次的 主題是和孕育有關係,我把療愈中感悟的細節告訴了老師,老師 告訴我之後幾天可能會有肚子疼或者有些瘀血會流出來,叫我不 要害怕,我很快樂的去接受這些症狀。其實這次療愈過程讓我對 自己有了新的認識,讓我更加明白我自己需要做什麼可以讓我們 有最初的簡單和幸福,現在已經過了1個半月了,我以前右邊大 腿根部的卵巢位置的後手術後遺症完全沒有了,我再也不怕陰雨 天了,老師說我們自己就是自己最好的療愈師,但是我很感謝中 塔為我帶來這麼好的老師,很感謝我老師一家帶給我這麼好的療 愈體驗。

~ 靈 2017