Resident Practitioners



Shirley Kuo Bingley

Founder of House of Light   House of Light 創辦人
Cert. Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Teacher  認證靈性反應療法 (SRT) 導師 
Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) Practitioner 靈性結構重整 (SpR) 治療師
Advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner 情緒釋放療法 (EFT) 高級治療師

Shirley is a natural healer and a strong believer in a holistic approach to healing. She has been practicing SRT since 2004, and has learned from different teachers including the founder of SRT Robert Detzler. Shirley has been guided to support people who are ready to be healed and uses SRT as a tool to facilitate and guide people to clear their blocks and limiting beliefs.


David Bingley

Usui Reiki Master
Certified Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)Consultant
Advanced Angel Practitioner and Angel Card Reader
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner


In 2007 I felt that I needed to make some serious life changes. I was recommended to have an NLP session which I took, within that I found that there were blocks, limiting my ability to complete my session. I was referred to an SRT practitioner who in 1 hour impacted my life forever with the clearing that was done. There after it was easy to complete my NLP sessions. In the mean time I was encouraged to became a learn Usui Reiki which I did and as soon as I could I learnt SRT and in 2008 became a Reiki Master and Advanced SRT Practitioner. Since then I have been practicing both Reiki and SRT on family, Friends and Clients with great success. Over the years I have continued to learn and study other modalities and techniques, which added to my personal growth and awareness as well as the knowledge, I can share AND APPLY when teaching and healing. In 2016 I started teaching Usui Reiki, Healing with the Masters and Reiki Healing with the Masters, whist still practicing and supporting clients who require SRT. (read more)



Sweety Luo

Cert. Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)Consultant
Tarot Reading Practitioner 塔羅牌占卜師

SWEETY is a SRA certificated Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Consultant who has full of passion for life with positive mind; she is open mind and able sees things in a positive angle all the time. Sweety feels grateful of having the empathy as a gift from the universe, to allow her fully understand people’s feeling and thoughts after people told her that unique experience they have gone through. By using difference spiritual tools and healing technic, she works for individual clients and businesses group to helps them release the negative pattern and energy which holding their life back, transform the negative energy and transform the life into a positive one, guide people to see the way to reach the abundance and happiness.(read more)


Jenny Yu

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Practitioner
Connect with Angelic Realm Advanced Practitioner

喜歡簡單生活,愛用tote bag,帶點爽朗的一位女生。 曾經,她迷失了自我,只想成為社會中所投射出來的成功女孩的模樣,卻把真我完全忘掉。 慶幸的是,覺醒就在頃刻間,她慢慢地聽到那抑壓了很久,於內心深處的聲音,一步一步的走出來,不再活在別人的期望當中,不再過於在乎別人的目光;真正地隨心而行,如實的將自己呈現。 聆聽著內在的聲音,她辭掉了穩定工作。 創立了屬於自己的;以simple & stylish 為宗旨的時裝網店,也成為了著地修行者。 而修行同時融入生活。從日常生活中,她喜歡以尤如旁觀者般角色觀察自己的喜怒哀樂,不帶任何批判地調整自身的能量。 這樣子,令她能更有效地保養自己,與真正的自己相處, 令自己自由自在地當一個傻頭傻腦的女生! 簡單純樸一點,變成她的座右銘。 她純粹地當一個角色,那是她自己⋯ 從一對一治療中,她會和大家一起耹聽自己。 並分享隨心而行的經驗。 暫時放下腦袋、放下對自己的批判,聆聽一下內心、覺察那個不會說謊的感知。 感受從來也是自身最大的導航系統,它能帶人們去最適當的地方、遇到最適當嘅人、體驗最適當的事情。 重回內心,忠於自己。(read more)