Lisa Gibbings-Koo

前SRA董事會主席 | 全球4位可教授SRT深造課程的老師之一


她是2014/2015東京療癒博覽會的客座講師和主持人。她也是靈性支持委員會(Spiritual Support Committee)的現任主席。她在SRA負責談判技巧以及靜心的培訓。Lisa的教学遍布美國、英國、匈牙利、哥倫比亞、墨西哥、馬來西亞、香港、中國、日本、智利、夏威夷和加勒比海的島嶼。

Lisa hails from Trinidad and Tobago; the most southernly islands in the Caribbean, noted for their beauty and tranquility. Since learing SRT and SpR over 12 years ago, Lisa has been activly teaching both modalities for the past 9 years and she is also one of the select few Intensive Skills and Self Mastery teachers for the SRA teching in the United States, England, Hungary, Colombia, Mexico, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Chile, Hawaii and Islands in the Caribbean. Lisa has served on the SRA Board for 5 years and was the President for 2 years, on top of managing her own full time SRT and SpR consultancy. She has also found the time to be the current Chair of the Spiritual Support Committee and is also a SRA Minister with training in Negotiation and Mediation. Lisa was honored to be a guest speaker and presenter at the Tokyo Healing Fair 2014/2015!

課程 / 工作坊

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Basic Class
靈性反應療法 (SRT) 初階課程

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) Advanced Class
靈性反應療法 (SRT) 高階課程

Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) Class
靈性結構調整 (SpR) 課程

靈性反應療法 (SRT) 技巧課程

Relationships Workshop

Money Matter Workshop