Life Re-Creation Workshop 重新創造你的生命工作坊 with Shirley Kuo

You are your own creator, YOU create your own reality!

In this workshop, you will be guided to reconnect to whatever is your heart's desire, and manifesting it into reality using a guided step by step process. 
In this workshop, you will:
- Understand belief systems: how your beliefs create your reality
- Understand what you want and what you don't want from your heart
- Clearing blockages which block you to manifest what you want
- Visualization: Create a picture of what you want from your heart and turn it into reality
- Vision Board: Put your dreams into action
- Action Plan: Creating your dreams through action
- Gratitude and Completion: Remember we are our own creator, and we can create whatever we want to, by taking back the power into our own hands we can recreate our reality
Date: 2 Dec, 2017 (Saturday)
Time: 11am – 6pm
Fee: HK$2,200
**Early Bird discount HK$2,000 for those who sign up & pay on/before 11 Nov 2017**
Venue: We Me Studio, 1/F, Tack Building, 48 Gilman Street, Central
Language: Cantonese 

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‧ 了解甚麼是信念,你的信念如何創造你的實相
‧ 了解你想要甚麼和你不想要甚麼
‧ 清除阻礙你實現夢想的障礙
‧ 觀想,從心用你的夢想拼湊成一幅圖畫,然後把她變成你生命中的實相
‧ Vision Board:把你的夢想用行動表達出來
‧ 計劃:用行動把夢想實行出來
‧ 感恩/圓滿:記住自己就是自己的創造者,通過重新拿回自己的力量,我們可以創造任何我們想要的實相。
時間:11am – 6pm
**2017年11月11日或之前報名及付款者可享Early Bird Discount HK$2,000**
地點: We Me Studio, 1/F, Tack Building, 48 Gilman Street, Central


導師Practitioner : Shirley Kuo Bingley