About Us

The inspiration behind the House of Light is love. We exist and we create because of love. Ultimately, we will reunite with source through love..

House of Light Wellness Center is a space created to assist you in reconnecting with happiness, well-being and abundance.  We do this through healing (spiritual, emotional, energy level), self-empowerment, sharing of information and nurturing activities.

Light is associated with the notions of energy, warmth, comfort, happiness and above all, it is a source of life. The House of Light is about living a new life in a new age. We hope gather those who share the same intention and we hope to provide a nurturing enviorment for you to connect the dierent facets of life with higher consciousness.

Intention: See everyone remember who they are, align with their higher self/god/super consciousness to transform from negativities to love.  Through their heart re-create what they want and become their own CREATOR.